Woodlawn Christian Church


Roy Karlen


Welcome to Woodlawn Christian Church, Disciples of Christ & American Baptist. We are a dually affiliated congregation with the 2017 merger of the First Baptist Church and Woodlawn Christian. We are proud of both faith traditions and embrace the great common threads between our two great heritages. We are located in Lake City, Iowa and we are a welcoming and friendly congregation of believers in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If you live near Lake City and you're looking for a new church family or just visiting in the area and want to attend Sunday worship, please come and visit us at 10 am Sunday morning, or call or drop in and visit with Pastor Roy. Pastor Roy can be reached by phone at the office number 712-464-3290.

Pastor Roy joined us in ministry in April of 2015. Pastor Roy and his wife Gail were business owners in the Omaha, NE area for nearly 25 years, and during this time Roy felt the call to go into formal ministry. Through the guidance of his mentors the Reverend Doctor Jesse Brown, Doctor Susan Gillies, and Reverend Robert Molby, he completed the three-year “Educating Lay Ministry” training program offered by Cotner College in Lincoln, NE. In addition to this formal training, Roy also spent six years studying weekly with his dear friend and mentor Jesse Brown. Jesse was a retired minister and professor of Old Testament Theology at Duke University. Jesse's guidance and friendship greatly formed and influenced Roy's understanding of scripture and leadership style. Roy and Gail have two adult children, Creath who lives in Sioux Falls, SD, and Madeline who lives in Omaha, NE. His wife Gail owns and operates the “Paisley Pansie” a custom framing, gift shop, and boutique here in Lake City.

Mel Alcox

Church Council Chair

Mel has in years past been the 'Church Council Chair' for several terms. Then after a long break he returned to this familiar role of leadership in 2019. Mel brings a lifetime of dedication to Woodlawn and a lifetime of experiences that are crucial to the operation of the Church facilities and operations. There's literally nothing about this old building that Mel doesn't either know how to fix or knows who to call to get the job done. Woodlawn is very richly blessed to have Mel back in the role of "Devoted Leader" (a/k/a Church Council Chair) for our congregation. Thank you and God Bless you Mel for all you do!

Jeff Frank

Head Elder

Men's Group Vice President

Jeff and his wife Jodi are longtime members of Woodlawn (Jodi has been her whole life and Jeff has been since their marriage). In 2017 Jeff stepped down from a long stint as the "Church Council Chair" where he directed the business of the Church to take on the role of "Outreach Chair" on the Christian Council, there due to Jeff's great leadership skills he was elected by the remainder of the Christian Council to also fill the role of "Christian Council Chair". In his capacity as Christian Council Chair, Jeff is ultimately responsible for all of the Church's ministry efforts. Thank you Jeff for continuing to serve and seek new ways to utilize your talents for Christ!

Clyde Westcott

Property Chair

Men's Group President

Clyde Westcott has been our Property Chair here at Woodlawn for several years now.  As Property Chair, Clyde is ultimately responsible for the care and maintenance of the Church Building and the Church Grounds. With our sprawling building and expansive grounds, it is a large job indeed. He brings a wealth of life experiences and his unique skill sets to this position and has worked tirelessly to keep this old building both beautiful and functional.  Clyde and his wife Donna have been members for many years now and together they are a valuable duo for the Church. The most recent project that Clyde has ramrodded here at Woodlawn has been the integration of the pews, pulpit, communion table, and organ from the First Baptist Church into our Chapel.  Come on over and take a look at the new look in the Chapel.

Scott Crandall

Christian Council Chair

Scott Crandall has been married to Roxy for 39 amazing years! They have 2 children and 4 grandchildren with another grandchild expected in March. Scott has been an insurance agent for Mutual of Omaha for 28 years.

Scott has been a member of the Woodlawn Christian Church since 1993. He has been a trustee, financial secretary, board member and held various other positions within the church.

Scott enjoys spending time with his family and he's an avid Iowa State Cyclone supporter.

Kim Anderson

Moderator of Women of Woodlawn (WOW)

Kim Anderson is married to Rick and he is employed at Decker Truckline Inc. They have 5 children and 14 grandchildren. Her parents are Darryl and Dorothy Bean of Lake City. She has been a lifelong member of the Woodlawn Christian Church. Kim enjoys doing volunteer work at the Church and she is a vital and energetic force here at Woodlawn. Thank you Kim for all of your crazy ideas and hard tireless work!

Brittanie Dusenberry

Church Secretary

Brittanie and her husband Tony reside in Lake City with their two children Deagan and Blakelyn. Brittanie has been with the Wooldawn Christian Church since November 2014.

We thank Brittanie for all of her skills that help us with our communications and thank you for figuring out how to build this website!  You've done a great job putting it together!