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God bless and remember to… “be a blessing to someone today!”

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  1. Mark Patterson

    My mother and father, Rev. Frank and Eva Alice Joy Patterson were some of the first people to be married in the “New” Woodlawn Christian Church. My father was an ordained American Baptist minister for around 50 years. Hew grew up in the First Baptist Church of Lake City. My mother grew up in the Woodlawn church. So they will be excited that those two congregations FINALLY got together. We used to joke with mom about how she was a Christian before becomng a Baptist!! My grandmother, Viola Joy lived a block south and across the street to the church and was an active member. Grandpa Joy died in his 50s as he was in an auto accident near their farm not far from Lohrville. My aunt Muriel Pierce was an active member of your church and I attended her funeral a couple of years ago. Wow, I could go on. Simply an example of the Joy family being centered in the Woodlawn Church. Another interesting note is my Dad’s cousin was Rev. Gail Patterson. He was also an ordained American Baptist and attended First Baptist Church when he was a live.
    Blessings on you Pastor and your congregation. My wife and I hope to worship at your church sometime in the future.
    In Christ,

    Mark Patterson
    4216 West Mesa Pass
    Sioux Falls, SD 57106
    P.S. I just signed up to receive your newsletter via e-mail

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